Category: Work

  • Another Day…

    There are many times when I want to have another day. A day to rest to stop doing and relax but it never seems to come. I feel like I am busy all the time and that is partly my fault as I don’t know when to say no. I need to learn that so […]

  • New Laptop… and Desktop???

    Looks like money was found and I might be getting a new desktop to go with my new laptop. The desktop will be a 3.0Ghz 1GB RAM monster with hopefully a 19

  • New Laptop!

    Ha! You think I am double posting but I am getting a new work laptop. Hopefully next week to build will begin. Praise God for providing all my needs at home, work and everywhere I go.

  • Computer 1 : Shay 0

    Well the computer won the battle. I lost all my data on my hard drive and I have to start over. The good news is that my boss decided to buy a new laptop for me and my co-worker.

  • Computers… Argh!

    Well this is day three in the siege called Laptop War. I have been relegated to using a old hard drive and waiting on a USB drive enclosure to retrieve my old data. More to come as details pour in.