Thoughts on a verse…

I am going to try and write down some thoughts each day (I might
miss a few but I’ll try my best) on a verse of the day that I rceive from one of the
many places I receive them.

He is filled with kindness and is eager not to punish you. Joel
2:13b NLT

The context of this verse shows that Joel was calling for repentance
from sin to the Israelites. He had called for them to tear their hearts not their
clothing. To fast, weep and mourn. To return to God.

I think many times I want to do these things but instead I just
tear my clothing instead of tearing my heart and giving it to God. It is far easier
to give things to God then to give our heart, soul and mind over to God. I pray that
I will be better at doing this each day.

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