Two Questions for the Day!

What’s the point? – What is the end goal of doing what you are doing? Are you trying to accomplish something? Are you trying to get somewhere? Think about the point!

Is it worth it? – Is the goal, accomplishment, or destination worth getting?

Working The Debt Snowball

We are working on getting out of debt using Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step system. Step 2 is using the Debt Snowball to get out of debt. So far we have paid off about $7,700 in credit debt. Now we are working on paying off our last Credit Card and then our Auto Loan. I am praying we will have it all paid off by May 2012 which would pay off our car loan a year early.

Working on Becoming Debt Free

I have been taking the Financial Peace University class at my church for the past 10 weeks. It has been a great time watching the Dave Ramsey DVD’s and learning about some of the mistakes I have made in the past. We are working towards being debt free within the next year and a half. It will mean having a tight budget but once we have our Credit Card and Car Loan paid off we will get to join the ranks of those who are debt free except for their home.

The next step (Baby Step 3) will be to have an emergency fund of 3-6 months of expenses. This is really a challenging thing for me but an important one as the California budget is looking grim.