It’s been twelve years. I remember sitting here in my office when it happened. I was thinking to myself as I watched the whole thing unfold that I must be in a dream, but as the day went on I realized I wasn’t.

I post this just as a reminder to myself never to forget those who perished and the many who were physically and emotionally scared by the actions of men doing something morally evil. To anyone who doesn’t believe in moral evil I challenge them to describe what happened on 9/11/2001.


The 44¢ Toasting at Subway

So I stopped into a Subway in San Marcos to get a $5 sub. They asked if I wanted it toasted to which I replied the same way I always do “Yes.” When they went to ring up my sub they said the total was $5.44. Now I have been buying subs at Subway for a while and wondered where the 44¢ came from. When I asked they said it was because I got my sub toasted. Apparently in California if you get your sub toasted they consider it a ‘hot food’ item which is subject to taxation. When I complained they took off the toasting tax and I paid my $5 and left. Needless to say I will not be having my subs toasted without asking first if there is a tax on it!

Blogging / Podcasting

What a pain in the arse this stuff is! I have been tasked with finding a stable (hah!)
blogging / podcasting server based software. This is so annoying. Trying to find something
that will work with our system is a joke. If we truly wanted to do it right we need
to think PHP or Perl cause ASP.NET is slim pickings as far as I can tell.