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  • Remembering

    It’s been twelve years. I remember sitting here in my office when it happened. I was thinking to myself as I watched the whole thing unfold that I must be in a dream, but as the day went on I realized I wasn’t. I post this just as a reminder to myself never to forget…

  • Reminding Myself that Debt Free is Great

    Sometimes I just need a reminder that being debt free is where I want to be. The more I look at what is going on around me the more I want to get to that place of freedom!

  • Enjoying the Backyard

    Nice evening to sit in the backyard and enjoy the view.

  • The 44¢ Toasting at Subway

    So I stopped into a Subway in San Marcos to get a $5 sub. They asked if I wanted it toasted to which I replied the same way I always do “Yes.” When they went to ring up my sub they said the total was $5.44. Now I have been buying subs at Subway for…

  • Two Questions for the Day!

    What’s the point? – What is the end goal of doing what you are doing? Are you trying to accomplish something? Are you trying to get somewhere? Think about the point! Is it worth it? – Is the goal, accomplishment, or destination worth getting?