Category: Work

  • Remembering

    It’s been twelve years. I remember sitting here in my office when it happened. I was thinking to myself as I watched the whole thing unfold that I must be in a dream, but as the day went on I realized I wasn’t. I post this just as a reminder to myself never to forget…

  • From Dreams to Concrete

    I saw this image today at and thought it was perfect for the day as I am sitting here coding.

  • The 44¢ Toasting at Subway

    So I stopped into a Subway in San Marcos to get a $5 sub. They asked if I wanted it toasted to which I replied the same way I always do “Yes.” When they went to ring up my sub they said the total was $5.44. Now I have been buying subs at Subway for…

  • Blogging from home & working too!

    I’m blogging from home. Just thought I would configure my Word 2007 blog posting while I test out the new Windows Media Server at home. It loads really slow and the ftp service isn’t working.

  • Blogging / Podcasting

    What a pain in the arse this stuff is! I have been tasked with finding a stable (hah!) blogging / podcasting server based software. This is so annoying. Trying to find something that will work with our system is a joke. If we truly wanted to do it right we need to think PHP or…