I as sit here today September 11th, 2006 and watch the replay of the live CNN coverage
of the attacks in 2001 I wonder what the future holds. I remember that day sitting
here in my office and thinking is this the end? Are we heading for the ultimate disaster
in America? I think maybe a bit of me died that day and so in a sense there was an
end. There was an end for many people that day. An end to lives, loves, hurts, joys,
innocence and security. It was also a beginning for many that day.

Sometimes I wonder what more could have happened had more attackers hijacked planes.
Where would we be now if that had happened?

Today is a day to reflect and remember those in our lives that we have lost but also
a day to remember who we have arround us. Maybe today we can look across our desks,
cubicles, yards or streets and see the people God has placed in our lives the way
He sees them. With the love of Christ we can conquer all things.

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